Pure, clean and full of possibility.


Distilled from 100% selected grains, Everclear® provides a neutral flavor profile along with a high proof. Giving it a unique ability to extract even the subtlest of flavors. Providing you with a clean slate, a blank canvas and endless potential.


Why is Everclear® preferred for infusions?

As with any liquid, the higher the alcohol content, the better its ability to extract flavor. So the high proof of Everclear® makes it virtually unbeaten in the realm of infusions. This level of purity also leads to an extremely neutral flavor profile. Yielding infusions with unadulterated and untainted flavor. For these reasons, many mixologists prefer Everclear® for infusions over vodkas or other spirits – and have done so for decades.

Isn’t Everclear® dangerous?

Everclear® should be viewed as an unfinished ingredient. Sure, it’s of a high proof and has a rather notorious reputation. But after its high proof has served its purpose (absorbing and extracting flavor), it should be diluted before it’s enjoyed. Making it no more dangerous than other spirits or liqueurs on the shelf. But, as always, responsibility is still of the utmost importance.

How can Everclear® become vodka or other spirits?

Most contemporary vodkas and gins begin their respective processes as grain alcohol. More and more, distillers prefer to use starches like rye, wheat, sorghum and corn to more traditional, less common ingredients (e.g. potatoes). From that point, they’re altered, diluted and packaged accordingly. Being made from 100% selected grains, Everclear® is essentially the starting point used by many distilleries. So as you steep and dilute Everclear® to your liking, you really are creating your own homemade spirit.

What’s the difference between spirits, liqueurs, bitters and tinctures?

SPIRITS are the most common type of liquor, like vodka or gin. They’re typically around 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof) and most often used as the base for cocktails.

LIQUEURS are sweet, lower-proof (typically 20% Alc./Vol. – 40 proof) cordials that can either be enjoyed chilled or as a cocktail ingredient.

BITTERS are like the salt or pepper of the mixology world. They usually consist of a potent combination of both aromatic and bitter flavors. Meant to be added by the dash or drop to give dimension or change the complexion of a drink.

TINCTURES are potent, singular flavors such as rosemary or rhubarb to be used in very small doses to add a specific flavor to a drink.

190 proof isn’t available in my area. Can I use 151?

While 190 proof is the most ideal for infusions for the reasons listed above, 151 will also work. Just keep in mind that you may need to use extra ingredients to get the desired flavor and the proof of your finished product will be lower. You’ll notice we list the proof for all our recipes to accomodate both 190 and 151.

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Is it any good?

We think so, and the 2017 SIP Awards agreed. Awarding Everclear® a silver medal for taste.