Mixology 101

A primer for novices, and a refresher for veterans. Mixology 101 is the home mixologist’s handbook.

Combining ingredients directly in the glass. It can mean with or without ice, and is usually done in a specific order.

The technique of rinsing a glass with a small amount of liquid to add flavor. Excess liquid is removed and the drink is poured in.

Garnishing a drink with ground spices sprinkled on top. Nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate are among the most common.

Crushing ingredients in the bottom of a glass. Typically before a majority of the liquid is added.

Pouring liquor directly from a bottle into a glass without chilling.

Moistening the rim to allow for sugar, salt, or some other ground flavor to stick to the rim of the glass.

Any liquid measurement that is ½ oz. or less.

The soaking of solids in liquor (usually Everclear®) to extract or infuse the flavors. May be done for hours, weeks or even months, depending on the desired strength of flavor.

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