Mixology 101

A primer for novices, and a refresher for veterans. Mixology 101 is the home mixologist’s handbook.

Bar Spoon:
A long handled spoon used for stirring or layering various ingredients.

A woven, gauze-like cotton cloth. Used for cheese making, but is also used to filter infusions after steeping.

A tool used to measure bar ingredients. Usually has a larger end for 1 ½ oz. measurements and a smaller end for 1 oz.

Much like a pestle, a muddler is used to mash ingredients, such as mint in a mojito, in the bottom of a glass to help release more flavor before pouring the drink.

A bartending essential. The shaker can come in many sizes, but is primarily used to mix liquid with ice and strain back out while pouring.

A metal bar strainer is used to remove the ice from a mixed drink, whereas a tight mesh strainer can be used instead of cheesecloth for filtering infusions.

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