Mixology 101

A primer for novices, and a refresher for veterans. Mixology 101 is the home mixologist’s handbook.

Martini (cocktail):
A cone-shaped glass with a long stem. Useful to serve cocktails in which you don’t want the holder to affect the temperature of the drink. Serving in a cocktail glass is also known as serving “up.”

A short-stemmed glass with a narrow top, designed to accentuate the aroma of the drink. Commonly used with brandy, cognac and even some beer.

Old Fashioned:
Also known as the rocks glass or lowball glass, the old fashioned is a versatile, short tumbler with a wide opening, designed to help release flavors. Common with stronger drinks.

The highball glass is similar to the old fashioned glass, but it’s a fair amount taller, allowing it to hold more liquid. Making it perfect for mixed drinks that contain less alcohol.

Cordial glasses are very small, elegant flute-like glasses. Typically used for rich after-dinner drinks or liqueurs.

Irish Coffee:
A handled glass perfect for enjoying hot beverages, such as Irish Coffee. Its handle prevents the holder from feeling any discomfort due to the heat.

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