Everclear Featured Recipe

About 13 oz.

~40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)*

Not Your Grandma’s Sweet Tea.

This tea-based vodka gets an extra hint of sweetness with help from the highly enjoyable but equally stubborn pomegranate. Don’t fret. Pomegranate-flavored tea bags are widely available and so much easier to wield.


First, make sure you have all the needed ingredients: 8 bags pomegranate green tea, 6 oz. Everclear®, and 7 oz. filtered water.

Ingredients: Pomegranate green tea, Everclear, and water.

Combine Everclear®, water and tea bags in a quart-sized, sealable container and let steep for 2 hours, or to taste.

Once steeped, remove tea bags.

About 13 oz.

~40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)*

Pomegranate Green Tea Vodka

8 Pomegranate green tea bags
6 oz. Everclear®
7 oz. Filtered water


  1. Combine tea bags, Everclear® and water in a sealable container.
  2. Steep 2 hours.
  3. Remove tea bags.
  4. Bottle and enjoy.

*If using Everclear® 151: 39.7% Alc./Vol. (79.4 Proof)

*Modified original recipe from Ted Kilgore

Caution: Do not apply to open flame. Keep away from fire, heat and open flame. Contents may ignite or explode. Do not consume in excessive quantities. Not intended for consumption unless mixed with non-alcoholic beverage.